About us


Fernando Valenzuela Migoya

Fernando is recognized as one of Latin America’s most influential leaders in education by proactively harnessing disruptive changes, with direct influence over hundreds of institutions and thousands of solutions, establishing a mindset and framework of action to create social value for over 25 countries. Impact investor, entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, with Global multi-industry and multi-cultural capabilities. Expert in Latin America and Hispanic markets.

Juanita Ordoñez Fernández

Juanita is passionated for the convergence of education, tech and innovation. For over 12 years she has been creating intrapreneur marketing, digital and sales business transformations as an advertiser, agency, and publisher team member in mid of the highly changing tech environments. During the last 5 years, she has been fully dedicated to develop the LATAM Edtech ecosystem as Google Education Industry Manager and Edlatam Alliance Co-Founder – The Latam education network of top transformational leaders.

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